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This documentation covers the version of LogicMail being developed as 0.4, and soon to be released. A lot of it is applicable to earlier versions, and may be applicable to future versions. It is considered to be a living document, and will be updated along with LogicMail itself.



When first started, LogicMail presents an empty accounts list screen. To begin setup, go to the menu and select "Configuration". You will then see a list of the following configuration sections:

Global settingsOptions that apply across the whole application.
IdentitiesUser information that you might want to maintain across multiple accounts.
AccountsConnection and setup information for servers (POP/IMAP) you receive E-Mail through.
Outgoing serversServers used for sending E-Mail (SMTP).

Global settings

Option DefaultDescription
Global settings:
Message count 30 Number of messages to download when connecting to a mailbox.
Message order Ascending Order in which to display messages.
WiFi mode Disabled Disabled - Do not use WiFi
Prompt - Prompt for WiFi use when making connections
Always - Always try to connect via WiFi
IMAP settings:
Max size to dl per msg (kb)32 Maximum amount of data (in kilobytes) to download when viewing a message
Max folder depth 4 Maximum depth to check when getting an account's mail folder tree
POP settings:
Max lines to dl per msg 400 Maximum amount of data (in lines of text, readable and encoded) to download when viewing a message
Connection debugging Unchecked Enable to cause all network communications to be logged for debugging. Only use this when no other means of capturing network communications are available for debugging, and disable immediately afterwards.



Outgoing servers