LogicMail 1.0 was developed as a simple application for checking and sending E-Mail. It is very task-oriented in its design, and isn't intended to support features like always-connected new message notification. (LogicMail 2.0 will change this, due to numerous requests.) That being said, it is quite functional and useful for a lot of everyday tasks.

Here is a somewhat disorganized list of features:

  • Support for BlackBerry OS v4.1 and v4.0
    • Yes, the v4.1 build will work with v4.2.
  • Global settings
  • SSL (do you seriously think I'd send my password in the clear?)
  • Multiple accounts
  • Status popups
  • Talking to an IMAP and POP mail servers
  • Folder tree retrieval (IMAP)
  • Folder tree cache (IMAP)
  • Mailbox listing (message flags shown on IMAP servers)
  • Message display
    • MIME message structure decoding
    • Display of plain text message body parts (no HTML planned at this time)
    • Decoding and display of quoted-printable encoded plain text
    • Decoding and display of Base64 encoded Unicode plain text
    • Decoding and display of Base64 encoded image attachments
    • Display of message properties, to view extra header information
  • Basic SMTP support
    • Composing and sending new messages
    • Replying and forwarding messages
    • Address book access for contacts
    • SSL support only for dedicated SSL ports (i.e. 465)
    • SMTP AUTH support for PLAIN, LOGIN, and CRAM-MD5
  • Wi-Fi TCP/IP Support


A lot of the information on this page has become redundant due to the ticketing system on this website. Eventually it will be made a bit more concise and organized.