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     1= Internationalization and Localization = 
     3This page is intended to be the catch-all reference for information relating to [ internationalization and localization] support inside LogicMail. 
     5== Translations == 
     7For information on creating and maintaining translations of LogicMail's user interface, see the [wiki:translation] page. 
     9LogicMail's user interface is currently available in the following languages: 
     10||=Language=||=Code=||=Status (1.1)=||=Status (2.0)=||=Status (trunk)=|| 
     11||English    ||en||Complete  ||Complete  ||Complete  || 
     12||Nederlands ||nl||Incomplete||Incomplete|||| 
     13||Deutsch    ||de||Incomplete||Complete  |||| 
     14||Français   ||fr||Incomplete||Incomplete|||| 
     15||Español    ||es||Complete  ||Complete  |||| 
     16||Dansk      ||da||Incomplete||Incomplete|||| 
     17||Chinese    ||zh||Complete  ||Complete  |||| 
     18||Russian    ||ru||N/A       ||Complete  |||| 
     19||Italiano   ||it||Incomplete||Incomplete|||| 
     20||Tiếng Việt ||vi||Incomplete||Incomplete|||| 
     22== Character sets == 
     24The BlackBerry OS has built-in support for a variety of character sets.  Some of these are listed in the API documentation for the [ String class].  However, this list is incomplete, and "East Asia" OS versions appear to have additional character set support.  In addition to the character sets included with the OS, LogicMail contains several translation tables to convert legacy (i.e. non-unicode) character sets into something that can be displayed. 
     26This is the current list of included translation tables: 
     27||= Character set =||= Description =|| 
     28||Windows-1250||Central European and Eastern European languages that use Latin script|| 
     29||Windows-1251||Languages that use the Cyrillic alphabet|| 
     30||Windows-1252||English and some other Western languages|| 
     31||Windows-1253||Modern Greek|| 
     35||Windows-1257||Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian|| 
     37||KOI8-R      ||Russian|| 
     38||KOI8-U      ||Ukrainian|| 
     40== Unicode Normalization == 
     42For Vietnamese text to display correctly on pre-5.0 devices, it is sometimes necessary to run the text through a [ Unicode normalization] process.  Support for this is included as an optional feature in LogicMail.