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Translating LogicMail

LogicMail 2.0 will be fully internationalized, and can be made to support any language available on the BlackBerry platform. This page serves to explain what translations currently exist, and how to add new ones.

Existing Translations

English (United States)Derek Konigsberg <octo@…>
NederlandsKris ten Hoedt <kris@…>
DeutschMarkus Maier <maier.augsburg@…>

Translator Requirements

What does it take to be a translator for an application like this? Its really pretty straightforward, though ideally you would meet some of these criteria:

  • Familiar with the technical terms used in E-Mail clients between US English and your native language
  • Able to edit a text file in Unicode (any modern graphical text editor should do)
  • Willing to maintain your translation as LogicMail is updated
  • Able to test your translation in the application (optional, but desired)

How does internationalization work?

LogicMail is internationalized like any other BlackBerry application. What that means is that there is an "rrh" file that defines a number of constants, and a collection of "rrc" files that define those constants for all supported languages. At runtime, the BlackBerry picks the "rrc" data that best matches the language selected in the device configuration. If you look at a LogicMail source tree, you will see the following files of interest:


 LogicMail.rrhTranslation constants
 LogicMail.rrcBase (English) translation
LogicMail_XX.rrcTranslation for language XX (i.e. de, nl, etc.)

How do I make a translation?

Without any special tools

  • Get the latest version of the  LogicMail.rrc file. (Please click the "Original Format" link at the bottom of the page, if downloading from the web.)
  • Make a copy called "LogicMail_XX.rrc", where the "XX" is the  2-letter code for your language.
  • Edit the LogicMail_XX.rrc file with a text editor, replacing all the English strings accordingly.
  • E-Mail the resulting file to me:

Using the full development environment

  • Configure your development environment as described here.